by manya+clay

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(free) 03:47


released December 14, 2011

recorded at casa cordova and klearlight studio
mixed by Armadillo Mix Society
mastered by Gil Tamazyan

songs & sounds by
Manya Repnikova
Clay Pendergrass

additional musicians
on atlantic chase & atlantic chase (dub outro):
bass by Bill Reynolds
piano by Iris Leu

special thanks to Danny Kadar, Jimi Bowman & Mellotron Jay



all rights reserved


manya+clay Dallas, Texas

musica by
Manya Repnikova
Clay Pendergrass

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Track Name: Bring Up The Killer
"Somewhere on this land
roams a very dangerous man
now we're
doing all we can
and willing...with that we've
searched the highs and lows
godspeed and lead us to the host
will you help us Candyman
to bring up, the killer?
Candyman, please...Candyman
tell me what you want us to do...."

"I want to have the tapes, the maps, all photo deaths upon my lap. I'd like to have your kingdoms I can see your seedlings act.

I feel needles hit the ground
my guts, they can hear the sound
things as small as little crumbs...
could do it
could do "it"
if you wanna save this town
then time it's of the essence now
in a dough kabob I've learned...this's your son."

"Oh Candyman, PLEASE!
Candyman, oh tell me what your trying to prove...."
Track Name: Hard Times
hard to believe these are, hard times
I never had happier
it's hard to believe these are
hard times
watching our clothes blowing in the breeze

you could do no wrong, I'd plead
that our past has paid for what you did
And all he leaves will green in time
again, the tree will revive
singin' oh, we're staying alive

hard times
have always run through our blood
they make it hard to stop feeding those face lines
oh worry, don't trouble my paradise

you and I know lashing weather
he beat us hard
ill equipped with nothing better than two beating hearts
we spent too many years in his reign
then open the clouds in your came
one bullet
two men
one grave
so happy you came
you know I'm so happy you came...

love will put a spell on you
love will put a spell on you
love will pull a shell on you
love will pull a shell for you too....
you too
I"ll be ready
I"ll be ready
I'll be ready
Hard Times Make Life Beautiful
Track Name: Atlantic Chase
on your next Atlantic chase
when you're out of breath
out of place
I've many reasons you'll remember me
when you've worn the cold
so miserably
pain awaits you thought love was heavy
too easy to translate
I've many colors in my sad blue mood ring
anything someday will change

so you run
you run
I won't ask you to stay
ask you to stay
so you run
you run
till your mastermind
says it's all behind you now

you run you run
as cowards always do
been through big bottles of bad consolation
but I think...
I'm finally through
see someday you're gonna look tired
gonna speak in soft man's tone
some dancin' lady's gonna reach out and to ya
but you'll never have
your own